Touch-less Disinfection Services

Why Choose us?

FAB Maintenance Services uses a unique system that eradicates harmful microorganisms. Our system has been tested and proven to effectively eradicate a number of infections and bacteria including Coronavirus, MRSA, C-Diff, E-Coli, H1N1 and H5N1 (flu viruses). We achieve this with our custom disinfecting formula, which was created by our Science and Development Department. Our formula is released using our Fogging and electrostatic sprayer to reach maximum coverage.

Our Solution

Our latest generation disinfection system, combines the strength of our powerful equipment and sanitization products to kill all the harmful bacteria, viruses, and any other microorganism in the environment. Our technology allows us to disinfect every corner of your facility, even the places other systems can’t reach. Our process is eco-friendly, and completely safe for humans, animals or plants. We offer you the perfect solution to a safer, healthier and fresher environment.



Our Fogging Device transforms the liquid disinfectant into fog, guaranteeing a homogenous distribution of disinfectant on all surfaces.


Our electrospray adds a negative electric charge to the solution to ensure maximum coverage of our disinfectant.

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Who uses our Touch-less Disinfection System?

Our Touch-less Disinfection System is safe to use in any situation, causing no damage and no harm to humans, animals or plants. Electrostatic technology meets the various needs of your commonly touched and rarely disinfected surfaces and equipment.

  • Medical’s offices

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Nurseries and Day Care centers

  • Assisted living facilities.

  • Hotels

  • Gyms and Fitness centers

  • Offices and Buildings

Frequently asked questions

Here are 10 points explaining our touch-less disinfection system and why it’s used:

1.What is it?

Our Touch-less Disinfection system combines electrostatic fogging with a unique disinfectant blend that eliminates 99% of all harmful microorganisms.

02. How safe is it?

Our product is a completely safe cleaning product, with a very low toxicity rate. It’s not harmful to people, pets or the environment.

03. Does it give off a harsh smell?

No – this product is completely odor and color free.

04. How environmentally friendly is the product?

Our product uses completely biodegradable ingredients that safely decompose into water and oxygen without leaving any harmful by-products.

05. What is touch-less disinfecting?

Essentially it means you can use our product to disinfect an area without wiping, which spreads germs across surfaces. The Touch-less Disinfection System is a non-toxic disinfecting technique that doesn’t require rinsing or wiping, simply spray and go.

06. What makes Touch-less Disinfection System better than other products or systems?

Touch-less Disinfection System is an environmentally friendly broad-spectrum method, which means it can kill a vast range of different viruses, bacteria and fungi. It can perform better than other disinfectants as it can reach areas regular cleaning products cannot.

07. Does Touch-less Disinfection System kills the flu virus?

Yes, our product has been independently tested and in turn approved to kill the flu virus. Our system is proven to be effective against other mutating viruses as it works in three ways to kill these microorganisms, rather than the one typical way.

08. What about mold?

It is proven to kill many different types of bacteria and mold including Aspergillus Niger, more commonly known as black mold.

09. Does Touch-less Disinfection System kills the Covid-19 virus?

Our system has been proven effective against several coronavirus variants as well as many other common bacterial and viral pathogens.

10. What surfaces can be used on?

  • Bathroom surfaces such as toilets, sinks and counter tops

  • Sports and fitness equipment

  • Door handles

  • Medical equipment

  • Toys

  • Office equipment

  • Saunas

  • Magazines and books and their shelving

  • Furniture (Inc. soft furnishings)

  • And much more

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Interested in our services? Please use our simple online form to contact us.

We promise that a representative will get back to you within hours.

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